Did you know that there are over 130 different kinds of green beans? That’s a lot of varieties of green beans casserole options you can make for Thanksgiving! Speaking go Thanksgiving, this is my all time favorite holiday. It has always been my favorite holiday since I was a kid. You get to make a bunch of good food, spend time with loved ones, and then EAT the good food! Here’s a simple recipe to make green bean puree for your baby and then use the rest of those green beans for a tasty casserole dish for your Thanksgiving dinner;)


What Kind of Green Beans Should You Use to Make Green Beans Puree for Your Baby?

You want to look for green beans that are firm and green. You don’t want ones that are yellow, unless you’re buying yellow beans! Beans that are wrinkly are either dried out or old; you want the smooth ones. The ones that are lumpy have beans that are over developed these beans are overripe.

I always purchase organic green beans to avoid pesticides. Pesticides have even been located in many baby foods which is another reason to make your own in order to always know what is in your little one’s meal. When buying green beans, or any produce for your baby, I always recommend buying organic if it’s available. According to the EPA (United States Environmental Protection Agency), “Children’s internal organs are still developing and maturing and their enzymatic, metabolic, and immune systems may provide less natural protection than those of an adult. There are ‘critical periods’ in human development when exposure to a toxin can permanently alter the way an individual’s biological system operates. Children may be exposed to more certain pesticides because often they eat different foods than adults.” Organic foods are a smart choice for your little one because it protects their health from future illness and disease.

Fresh green beans can sometimes have a grainy texture (great for getting your baby used to different textures!). However, if you want to avoid that grainy texture after blending, you can use frozen organic green beans. What’s great about organic frozen beans is that, you don’t have to cut of the ends and wash them! One less thing us as a parent has to do…

Avoid using canned green beans when feeding your baby because they’re filled with sodium. When making my baby’s food, I will sometimes season my puree’s with healthy herbs and spices, but never salt or sugar!

Wash the Green Beans

If you prefer to go with fresh green beans (rather than frozen) I always wash the green beans first before cutting off the ends.

This is because I don’t want to push any dirt, pesticides (non organic) or other unwanted contaminants that can be living on the outside of the green bean when cutting off the ends. Once, I rinse the beans in a colander thoroughly with cold water I then cut off the ends of each bean and wash them again a second time.

How to Cook the Green Beans

I love steaming the green beans, but you can also always bake/roast the green beans as well. *Try avoiding boiling the green beans because this can reduce the amount of nutrients that the green beans normally provide.*


Steam the Green Beans

Make sure you slice both ends off of each green bean if they’re fresh beans (you can skip this if they are frozen). You do not have to peel or cut the beans out because the skin of the green bean is the most nutritious part of the bean!

Steaming green beans for baby puree www.herbnsage.org

Next steam the beans by filling up a pot with water that is about one inch below the steamer and placing the steamer basket filled with the green beans on top. Steam on the stove for about 5-10 minutes (or until tender) on med/low. Make sure that the water does not reach the bottom of the steamer basket or you will end up boiling it instead of steaming it!

steamed green beans for baby puree www.herbnsage.org

*Other options to consider are steaming your green beans in a microwave or pressure cooker.*

When the beans are finishing steaming. You’ll want to transfer and dunk the green beans into a bowl of cold water to stop the cooking process. Leave the beans in the water for approximately 3 minutes.


Blend the Green Beans

Using my Blendtec (always blends my baby purees perfectly), I blend the green beans until they’re a silky smooth puree. When your baby first starts on solids, you want to blend their food to being silky smooth because they are not ready to handle textures quite yet. Once your baby starts to grow you can leave the puree a little chunkier and chunkier as they age. I sometimes add the water that I used to steam the beans into the blender to give the puree a more silky smooth consistency.


Freeze the Green Beans

When you make your baby purees; I always recommend making it in a large batch so you can easily heat up the frozen batches on another day. Frozen batches last up to 3 months in the freezer. I love using these silicone trays because they are easy to remove the purees from and they freeze in small honeycomb shapes, which are much easier to defrost than the large square cubes that other companies offer and take longer to defrost. A cube or two is also easy to add to other vegetables, grains, fruits, or proteins.

After cooking the green beans, you can place a portion for your baby’s puree in the refrigerator to cool. Refrigerated leftovers can last up to 3 days. Make sure they’re in BPA-free containers and make sure you didn’t start feeding your baby the puree and then put it back in the fridge. Once your baby’s saliva has touched the food, you won’t want to save it because the bacteria from their saliva will spread. So always try to guesstimate how much your baby will eat before hand. You can always add more of the puree to their serving dish if they’re still hungry. And if they’re full never force them to eat more! Forcing your baby to eat will make them uninterested in eating and can promote a picky eater who does not like feeding time. It can lead to tension at mealtimes damaging your parent-child relationship.

perfect silicone ice cube trays for baby food www.herbnsage.org

Once the puree is frozen in the silicone trays, pop out the honeycomb ice cubes and store them in an airtight container or ziplock freezer bag in the freezer.

perfect silicone ice cube trays for baby food www.herbnsage.org


Reheat the Green Beans

If frozen, warm the frozen green bean puree in a microwaveable safe dish (I like to use the OXO Tot baby block glass container for heating up my baby’s food) in the microwave for 30 seconds (pausing half way to stir). At the moment I like to use 8 honeycomb cubes for my baby (about as much as she eats at the moment per feeding). Make sure the pear puree are not too warm/hot before feeding your baby! You can also reheat over the stove as well.

You can also combine other whole foods in your baby’s puree that you have previously frozen, for optimal flavor and nutrients. The following list is a general guide, so feel free to be adventurous and combine and build your own meals for your little one:)

green bean puree for baby www.herbnsage.org

Green Bean Flavor Compatibility Guide

ParsnipsBlack BeansPeachesPears
Summer SquashWinter SquashKidney BeansSweet Potatoes

If you have read my post on the importance of probiotics for your child (linked here); you can sprinkle a little probiotics on top of your homemade baby food for added nutritious value.

If you make something from Herb’n Sage, I would love to hear about it in the comments! Don’t forget to rate this recipe and follow along on Instagram and Youtube for more recipes and inspirations for your creations for your little loved one(s)<3

Bon Appétit!

xoxo – Sage

Green Bean Puree

  • Servings: 4-6
  • Difficulty: easy
  • Print

Homemade Baby Green Bean Puree is so easy to make and tastes so much better than store bought varieties!


  • Green Beans


  1. Wash the green beans
  2. Cut off both ends of the green bean
  3. Wash the green bean again after cutting off the ends
  4. Steam for 5-10 minutes; or until tender
  5. Dunk the green beans in cold water for 3 minutes after steaming to stop the cooking process
  6. Blend the green beans
  7. Freeze excess green bean puree in the freezer (I like to freeze my purees in these silicone trays)

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