Christmas decorations

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas! I love Christmas decorations much, that I am that person that starts decorating early November with Christmas decor :P. Christmas decorations always makes me feel so bubbly and happy inside that I wish I could just have Christmas decorations up all year! Or is that pushing it? My philosophy in life is do what makes you feel happy, so pulling out my Christmas decor early is at the beginning of my “To Do” list.

Christmas decorations
Family Christmas slippers, wooden tweed candle holder, burlap wrapped plastic flocked trees

I love incorporating red in all my Christmas decor. There is something about just adding such a bright splash of color just brightens up the mood and decor. A lot of my Christmas decorations I have accumulated from my parents and in-laws, but as far as everything else goes, I’ll try to include links to these items so you can shop them too!

Christmas Decor

All the decorations on the tree I actually bought at the 99 Cent Store. Even the tree boa is actually about 30 feather dusters that I bought and just wrapped around the tree to look like one of those expensive feather tree boas that are so expensive.

Christmas Decor
White Christmas tree, red floor pillow, red/green reversible tree skirt

I got this advent calendar from Target, but the beautiful handmade stitched Christmas felts I bought from Etsy. I absolutely love them and my daughter loved picking one out everyday to put in the according date.

Here’s some more decorations that were scattered around the house. Enjoy!

Christmas Decor

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