Pregnancy is a beautiful thing.  Your body is creating life and is constantly changing every day. With these changes comes exhaustion, fatigue, and sickness for the most part. Getting a good nights sleep is crucial, but with a baby or toddler thrown into the mix the hard parts of pregnancy just become harder… Take it from me, I found out I was pregnant with my second when my daughter was only 8 months old! You can’t just lie in bed all day or hang out over the toilet if you’re sick. You can entirely forget about even thinking of taking a nap or resting up for a bit if you’re exhausted and your body aches. Your little human takes up all your energy and total attention. 

When I was pregnant with my first, I slept anytime I wanted. I had severe morning sickness and a high risk pregnancy so I was constantly having to take it easy and relax. Now with being pregnant with my second, it’s a whole other ball game.  I am EXHAUSTED! I am unmotivated to do anything, let alone bathe an infant, change diapers, do dishes, make food for the three of us, throw in daily household chores, and just try to survive… To make this pregnancy even harder; my husband broke his leg and completely shattered his ankle, which means he needs my help, as well. I currently have two babies while being pregnant! I am tired to say the least. I had to come up with ways to help myself survive these pregnancy days without becoming a complete walking zombie! Here are 10 ways to survive pregnancy with an infant (and injured husband;)

1. Independent Play:

Playing with your children is a lot of fun.  However, when you’re tired and sick, playing and using exhausting energy towards games and “bouncing” your child up and down, up and down, up and… It can become a little much! I had already “baby proofed” my daughter’s entire room, while also purchasing a regular house camera. *Side note* always try to purchase products that don’t include the word “baby” in it if you don’t have to. Companies just love to rack up the prices if their product has the word baby in it. So a small little tip is try to look for the same products you’ll need, but if you do online searching don’t write baby cam.  Instead, search for a house cam. (I’ll include a link to the house hold camera, which I use and I can log into it anywhere, and I mean anywhere!) It’s great to say “bye bye” to my daughter in her room, shut the door, and quickly run to the bathroom with bouts of morning sickness, while also being able to watch her on the camera in her room. I also decided to invest in a playpen for my daughter, which I set up next to our living room couch. So that I could lay down on the couch while my daughter played away.

2. TV can be OK:

When you just need a breather or even to just bust out a few loads of laundry or household chores.  It’s nice to turn to a cartoon sometimes to help out… I know what first time moms are thinking “I will never let my kids watch tv until they’re older!”, and don’t get me wrong I was that mom! But when you’re about to fall over and faint from the amount of work you’re having to do 24/7, it’s ok to turn to a TV for a little help. I love “BabyFirst” channel on TV. It is educational (which I try to choose over just a regular cartoon), so my daughter learns some things and is also distracted for a bit so that I can rest.

3. Do Ask for Help:

Your body is creating a human from scratch.  There is a lot your body is going through and that can mean asking for help!  I didn’t ask for help during my first pregnancy, but with this second pregnancy help is gold! Asking for help is crucial and OK for you to do. Whether it is to bring some dinner or takeout over, running some errands for you, doing some chores around the house like dishes or laundry, or even just watching over your little human while you squeeze a little alone and nap time for yourself. Asking for helps keeps you sane. Trust me, you do not want to become a zombie parent!

4. Plan Accordingly:

If you are feeling under the weather during the mornings, try to do most of the household chores during night time when your little one goes to sleep. Changing your schedule around to meet the needs of your body and how you feel is probably one of wisest tips I can give you.

5. Join a “Mommy and Me” Class:

I joined a “Mommy and Me” workout class in my city and I love it! We workout out while incorporating our little ones into the workouts. So our babies are getting some sunshine and getting to be outside while also do some fun exercises with their mommies.  Exercise seemed to really help me when it came to morning sickness. It almost was my morning sickness medicine. But just going to a “Mommy and Me” type of class, will help distract your child, and it helps to talk and relate with other moms who have already went or are currently going through the same thing that you are going through.

6. Go Outside:

Getting Vitamin D and some fresh air can go a long way for our tired bodies.  Just getting 10 minutes everyday, even on those hard days, is great for our health, our baby’s health, and even our developing fetus’ health. Plus letting our child be adventurous in Mother Nature’s playground gets them super tired; perfect for bedtime).

7. Snacks:

Sometimes just prepping three days of fruits, veggies, and protein as snacks for my daughter gives me 30 minutes while she watches me plus the time I save each day while she eats her snacks.  I just chop up whatever I have on hand of fruits, vegetables and/or protein for her. Do cook any vegetables and or fruits that are hard or rough to chew in order to prevent choking. Make sure all proteins are fully cooked before giving them to your child and cut into small bite-sized pieces.  Doing all the prep work in front of my little one distracts and entertains her. I mean who doesn’t get distracted by food! Giving her the already prepared food over the three days saves me time. It also allows me to relax and just watch her enjoy her food and improve her pincer grasp skills as well! I often take her outfit off so it doesn’t get dirty in order to save laundry time. My mom says I am saving water and my husband says she’ll be a “fun” date when she’s older.

8. Nap when your baby naps:

I know this is so cliché, but most babies will take at least one nap during the day, which means you can get some Zzzs during this time too. Anything that allows you to get more sleep is a plus in my book. If you don’t want to nap during this time, even taking a relaxing bath can help as well!

9. Take it easy:

Pregnancy is hard! It takes a lot out of you and especially with chasing a little one around, you can kiss your energy goodbye. So be patient with yourself, relax, and take it easy. If you feel like passing up on your sink full of dishes; do it! That big pile of laundry starring back at you waiting to be folded; skip it! Not feeling up to cook; order in! Remember that you are BUSY. Your body is growing a human from scratch and you are not being lazy. So slack up a bit! Take everything in day to day, laundry, dishes, chores, cooking, all of that can wait. Rest when you can and enjoy this time before another crazy little human joins your family :p

10. Get your little one involved:

Pregnancy can be hard and difficult to understand for your child too. With all the changes with your body that can bring on confusion to them.  This can cause them to act out and have a tantrum. Instead, emphasize the importance of their new role as an older sibling. Get them excited about the baby’s arrival. Let them pick out a couple of outfits or toys for when their new brother or sister arrives. Read them books about younger siblings. Once the baby arrives, keep up having your toddler involved. Let them bring the clean diaper and wipes to you for diaper changes or carrying in the bottle to their sibling once they wake up from a nap. Keeping them involved helps them notice the importance of their role in the family and hopefully will help with juggling the jealousy factor of having a new baby in the household. 

By the way, my husband and I just announced to our parents what gender our second child is, but here it is for the rest of the world to know what we are having:)  For our second child, we are having a…


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