I recently purchased a bench (actually a shelf unit) from Ikea that I ended up turning onto its side so that my daughter could access her toys in each individual cubby. I believe it’s normally supposed to stand vertical, but my daughter is only about 2 feet tall at the moment so I’ve been decorating and building most things in her room that she is able to reach. Anyways, I bought this bench and it was just boring and blah on top, so I decided to look online for a cute cushion to go on top of her bench that she could read next to her window eventually. Everywhere I looked all the cushions were either not the right dimensions or the main reason was every cushion I found had the most hideous print and fabric that I wouldn’t dare put it in her room let alone buy it… So, I decided to make my own cushion for her, and personalize it with fabric that matched her room. I am the worst sewer. Actually, I can’t even really sew, just patch up things here and there, but even then my patch work is a little on the messy side. So I made my daughter a cushion without sewing! Plus, who really has time for that when you have a kid and are pregnant with your second (future two under two…help).

So, let me now jump into how I made this beautiful no sew bench cushion.


Purchase Your Supplies

First, I bought batting, 2″ foam, and fabric from Joann Fabric and Craft Store.

I got the measurements of my bench and had an employee there cut the 2″ foam to the length of the bench (they won’t cut the foam to your width measurements, you’ll have to do that at home). They also cut the amount of fabric I needed for my bench as well. I went over by 8 inches with the fabric on the measurements because the fabric had to fit over the 2 inch foam on both sides as well as have a comfortable amount left over.

I then went to Home Depot and bought particle board and a heavy duty staple gun along with staples for the staple gun. They cut the particle board there at Home Depot, so make sure you let them know so they can cut it with their big fancy saw to the exact measurements of your bench.

The final bit of supplies that I used, was an electric knife from Amazon, to cut the foam. You can also use just a regular knife, but it will take quite a bit more time. I also grabbed a sharpie that I had on hand, to trace a line on the foam.


Create and Build Your No Sew Bench Cushion

I began by cutting my 2″ foam to match the width of my plywood, which was already cut to match the exact measurements of my bench at Home Depot. I laid the plywood on top of the foam and traced a line to match the plywood.

I cut the foam using my electric knife cutter to save time and energy, rather than using a regular knife. Once I finished cutting, I lay the fabric I picked out on the floor with the side I want show on the bench cushion facing towards the floor. Fold and lay out your batting on top of the fabric. I folded my batting into thirds to match the size of the bench. After, I lay the foam I purchased on top of the batting and lastly the plywood on top of that.


Staple the Fabric

Staple the fabric with each staple being evenly spaced apart, along one edge of the plywood. Pull the fabric tight and staple along the opposite edge of the plywood.

At the ends of your plywood fold the fabric like a present by tucking the ends in and folding up, and staple into the plywood. Repeat on the opposite side of the plywood.


Let me know in the comments if you tried out this tutorial and made your own No Sew Bench Cushion. I’d love to hear how yours turned out!

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